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A stylized illustration featuring a man with a revolver and a somber expression, set against a backdrop of old Western buildings and horse riders.

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Death Penalty Information Center

Death Penalty Center Reports

We need you to approach a difficult topic while giving beauty and humanity to challenging stories.


Can you illustrate with compassion? Death Penalty Information is the institution for information about the Death Penalty in the United States. Our goal is to illustrate the challenges we face as we try to bring our citizens and politicians out of the dark ages.

Design Process

Deep studying on the Death Penalty and the Prison-industrial complex. Our process is a dedication to understanding this layered topic through reading, research and creating custom icons and illustrations to allow for visual story telling. Our team receives a Word document and works with the DPIC team to develop ideas and concept that helps reach the theme.


Fighting the tropes. We've seen the same photos on replay: Lynchings, executions, and developing a new visual language to talk about the perils of the Death Penalty in the United States.


Printing of the reports and constituients praise of the intricate and thoughtful design.


– Reports
– One Sheets

Tianna Herring


Tianna Herring

The crew at really knows how to approach a complex subject and give it both life and humanity.

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