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Partner Story | Black Identity

Decolonizing Beauty

Decolonizing Beauty | Identity

Rebrand a poet, photographer, healer, and social media influencer to visually convey the liberating process of self-discovery through photography. Can you identify?
Saddi Khali is a nationally respected leader in the healing arts renaissance. Through his work, he strives to elevate the identity of Blacks / African Americans by restoring the image of black love and black beauty.

We can identify.

Once we poured over hours of photographs and understood the intention, we decided to journey through historical objects related to bondage and beauty. We focused on three concepts interpreted from Afrofuturism: Redact. Reclaim. Unlock.

Do You.
Our team does deep research to unlock the potential of ideas and set them free.



Our team delivered a fresh approach.

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Looking forward to seeing the growth of this project. I felt in sync with AAGD team and their ideas. After seeing the whole picture I’m confident I have the tools to move my purpose into a more full realization.

We would love to hear your ideas & work together.

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