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Ujima | National Alliance Against Domestic Violence in the Black Community

Statistical Reports | Art Direction + Illustration + Design

In our first conversation, Ujima expressed the importance of giving a bright look to a topic our community has a tendency to overlook.

Ujima, The National Center on Domestic Violence in the Black Community, acts as a voice for the African diaspora by engaging the black community at its core. adhering to the principle of collective work and responsibility, Ujima works to heal our communities through the engagement of our people.

Ujima-Women's-Violence----Stats--3 copy

We See You.

We work with clients who tackle topics central to our community. As they create content that spotlights important issues, our objective is to reveal their information as clean and concise as possible.

We use content centered design. We make sure your message is priority.


Once reviewing all of the materials, we created a structure that would drive the look for all documents. The result was well-formatted literature that was clear to read and easy to reproduce.

  • Fact Sheets
  • Promotional literature
  • Brochures
  • Reports
  • Web Maintenance





The AAGD Team understood our deadlines and was always to make the changes necessary to for all of our reports to be presented to our sponsors.

We would love to hear your ideas & work together.

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