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National Gallery of Art | Art Director

As the nation’s art museum it is important that we reflect the diversity of the United States on our team.

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Stephanie N. Campos | Logo Design

I want to be conscious of how I redistribute my wealth and resources by offering paid work to marginalized, intersectional and BIPOC communities.

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Social Standards | Graphic Design Lead

As a black business leader in a predominantly white space, I am very focused on building a company that provides real opportunities to black people in any area and at every career stage. If there is any way that my skill, experience, network, or position can help to accelerate the careers of gifted and black individuals, well, I’m here for that all day. Further to that, Graphic design is a particular area where black people are underrepresented and yet have shown outsized talent. I am a creative individual myself and am always excited to discover and work with more black creatives.

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No Projects?

If you're an African American Graphic Designer and you don't see any projects listed here for you, don't be alarmed. We get projects in all the time. Drop us your email and we'll hit you up with an email when new projects come in.

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