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@MadeByBlackSC celebrates and uplifts Black creatives

Illuminating in colorful Instagram posts, @MadeByBlackSC was created to elevate and share the work of Black artists/creatives at USC. While Black artists are not rightfully appreciated, co-founders Chloe Janson and Naomi Ituah have been making a difference. In turn of summer 2020’s protests in response to police brutality, Janson, a white, privileged student, wanted to…

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Taste: My Low-key Manifesto About Race and Class in the Design World

With musings on other things, and how bad design is good sometimes.

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Educator David Jon Walker on Transitioning Between Communities Without Losing a Sense of Self

Walker talks about his path into design, his experiences in both an all-Black school and primarily White institutions, and the Nashville design scene.

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