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@MadeByBlackSC celebrates and uplifts Black creatives

Illuminating in colorful Instagram posts, @MadeByBlackSC was created to elevate and share the work of Black artists/creatives at USC. While Black artists are not rightfully appreciated, co-founders Chloe Janson and Naomi Ituah have been making a difference. In turn of summer 2020’s protests in response to police brutality, Janson, a white, privileged student, wanted to…

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15 Black Graphic Designers you should know about

Searched for high and low, we know you’re for the top black graphic designers to hire for your next design project. Here’s 15 for you to choose from.

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Life & Work with Donald Wooten

Success to Donald Wooten is “understanding and being understood. Extending respect and being respected. Loving and being loved. I believe they amount to success personally and professionally.”

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