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How Designers Can Impact Diversity in Design

Jacinda was asked if she feels as if professional design associations are responsible for the lack of diversity in design. The reality is that the lack of diversity in design, is a complex matter. The matter can be traced to numerous systemic factors. Therefore, it’s unfair to single out one particular design association, community organization,…

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Justine Allenette Ross on black utopias, black trauma, and the power of visual language

Her most recent work, The Negro Series, is her reaction to black trauma without depicting it. So far, it comes in three parts: ‘Brunching Negros’, ‘Negros in Nature’ and ‘Negros at Home Minding Their Business’.

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Black History Month branding was good. Now companies need to do it for the whole year

If your brand is dropping work requests in the inboxes of creatives of color in mid-January, and that’s it? Try again.

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