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How Much Should I Charge as a Graphic Designer?

Alright. You have to start somewhere. This guideline is collected knowledge of what real designers, illustrators, and creative professionals charge. It's broken down into project categories and gives ranges and estimated hourly rates. It's your bible. Every professional designer owns this book.



Trade Customs & Pricing Guidelines (Digital)

This tool explores the customary professional practices and sample pricing for various disciplines within the graphic arts industry. The book begins with salaries and trade customs for staff positions as a point of reference for graphic artists seeking employment and for self-employed artists trying to determine what to charge for their services.


  1. Salaries
  2. Graphic Design Prices
  3. Web/Interactive Design Prices
  4. Illustration Prices
  5. Cartooning Prices
  6. Animation Prices
  7. Surface Design Prices

All chapters discuss trade customs also.

graphic arts guild ethical and pricing guidelines

The Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines (Print)

Listen. You can pay $50 dollars and get the whole stack. This is what you'll pick up in addition to just learning prices:

  • The latest pricing guidelines for buyers and sellers.
  • Current salary information with job descriptions.
  • Formulas for determining hourly and per diem freelance rates.
  • Hourly freelance rates by discipline.
  • Copyright registration information.
  • Model contracts and forms that can be adapted for specific needs.
  • Totally revised chapter on Surface Pattern Design.
  • An expanded chapter of additional professional, business, and legal resources with the latest contact information.

Is it worth it? IDK are you a professional?

Coming Soon:

How we use the Guidelines to come up with equitable pricing for our clients and community.

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