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How Much Should I Charge as a Graphic Designer?

Alright. You have to start somewhere. This guideline is collected knowledge of what real designers, illustrators, and creative professionals charge. It's broken down into project categories and gives ranges and estimated hourly rates. It's your bible. Every professional designer owns this book.


Graphic Artists Guild Pricing Guidelines

The Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines
(16th edition)

For the past 48 years, the Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines has been an indispensable resource for professionals who create graphic art and for those who buy it. As the graphic art marketplace continues to evolve to meet the needs of both digital and print media, and as artists and clients alike strive to keep up with rapidly changing technology, the need for up-to-date information on business, ethical, and legal issues is greater than ever.

  • More in-depth information for the self-employed on how to price work to make a sustainable living and plan for times of economic uncertainty
  • A new chapter on using skills and talents to maximize income with
    multiple revenue streams—workshops, videos, niche markets, passion projects, selling art, and much more
  • Current U.S. salary information and freelance rates by discipline
  • Pricing guidelines for buyers and sellers
  • Up-to-date copyright registration information
  • Model contracts and forms to adapt to your specific needs
  • A brand-new feature—interviews with 11 self-employed graphic artists who have created successful careers, using many of the practices found in this Handbook

Is it worth it? IDK are you a professional?

Coming Soon:

How we use the Guidelines to come up with equitable pricing for our clients and community.

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