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The Incredibly Talented Black Creative We're Celebrating this Month is:


Chuck Scott

Tell us about you?

I do Illustration, Design, and Motion plus my results claim I'm 5% unicorn, 10% goblin, and 85% muppet felt.

I'm an illustrator and designer who occasionally dabbles in motion. I'm a huge fanboy, cartoons and comics are a huge influence on my work. I originally started in comics but its a high pressure career with low wages so I gracefully bowed out. I have a lot of friends who are Graphic designers and realized illustrator and design share the same principles wit the bonus that design is more lucrative and I could continue to work in a creative field.


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What are some of your favorite tools or applications you use, or can do without?

Can't live without Sketchbook Pro for sketching. The minimal interface is a lifesaver since I get easily overwhelmed but beefy apps like Clip Paint studio. Also use Procreate for connecting and color studies, mostly Adobe Illustrator for finished work, and Photoshop off and on.

What type of of work do you most enjoy?

I love character focused work that's fun and appealing. I love making people smile. It's tough balancing a kid's aesthetic with more sophisticated content. My goal is to be childlike without being childish. Creating diverse characters is fun because you get to explore the nuance of everyday people. I find if I focus on culture instead of race I avoid falling into visual stereotypes.

Which project left the biggest impact on you as a designer/creative?

The Avatars I created for AAGD's member profiles. It was a wonderful cross-pollination of illustration, character design, and graphic design. I had a rare chance to develop a unique aesthetic I'd never worked in before.

What advice do you have for younger or less experienced AA/BLK designers?

Prioritize your mental health. Many folks of color have grown in up in underserved communities and are suffering with undiagnosed conditions. Create a working process that compliments the way YOUR brain works and keeps you balanced. For example, I have PTSD and am prone to massive panic attacks so I choose bite sized projects. Keeps me from being overwhelmed.

What would you say is the best way to take advantage of the AAGD Network?

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in what you do?

Develop a solid working process. Be able to explain that process step by step to anyone. Many times our clients are none-creatives and will have to be walked through a project. Being able to verbalize how you work is reassuring to clients AND lucrative.

If you had a special message written on your wrist, what would it be?

Finished not Perfect

AAGD Avatar 12-22

Chuck Scott,
where can we find you?

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