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The Incredibly Talented Black Creative We're Celebrating this Month is:

Portrait of a confident African American woman with a bright smile, wearing gold hoop earrings, a turquoise top, and a gray blazer. Her black hair is styled shoulder-length and the background is a soft gray gradient.

Emelia Hollis

Tell us about you?

My name is Emealia Hollis, and I am a creative designer based in Atlanta, Georgia. My career's premise has been creating designs on purpose, for a purpose. I have been labeled as a "Strategic Designer," "Branding Nerd," and "Change Agent," but the phrase that resonates with me the most is "Curious Creative." I am passionate about uncovering deep truths and asking "Why?" with the desire to transform those discoveries to design solutions that enhance people's lives. I aim to create impact and intention through graphic and packaging design, branding, strategy, and industrial design in this phase of my career. I've had the pleasure of working with brands like Home Depot, Lowes, Extended Stay America, and Nutrisystem. Over recent years, I have assisted companies in conserving over $300,000, increasing revenue, and accelerating productivity through processes and designs.

SMD Card Game Project
OXO Diffuser Project-2
Mada Jy Packaging Project

Gallery. Click to explore detail.

What are some of your favorite tools or applications you use, or can do without?

The Notes app on my phone is my favorite tool. I swear I use it daily to jot down my ideas, random thoughts, or important information to reference later. A close second after that is my sketchbook.

What type of of work do you most enjoy?

I enjoy branding projects the most because I get to use the creative and analytical parts of my mind. Honestly, I love any project that challenges me...mainly after the project is over LOL.

Which project left the biggest impact on you as a designer/creative?

That's a tough one. I think every project has left an impact on me in some way. The most recent one that impacted me was a project I did during my Industrial Design cohort (Offsite). I designed a conceptual product that explored how to take the OXO brand with you while traveling the world. I chose a diffuser, which OXO doesn't currently sell, and I learned so much more about research, developing and validating ideas, and how people think.

What advice do you have for younger or less experienced AA/BLK designers?

My advice to younger or new designers is to listen to people's needs, be open to others' perspectives, and keep a childlike curiosity. I believe these will take you far in your career, especially remaining curious and continuing to learn. Continuing to learn can look like getting another degree or attending a conference, whatever works for you.

What would you say is the best way to take advantage of the AAGD Network?

Do This.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in what you do?

Give yourself the grace and space to be a novice. You will get to where you are going; take your time and enjoy the process.

If you had a special message written on your wrist, what would it be?

Everything I already have and what I don't have will be provided to me.

E Hollis Headshot_UPDATED

Emelia Hollis,
where can we find you?

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