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The Incredibly Talented Black Creative We're Celebrating this Month is:


Jordon Moses

Tell us about you?

I'm a generalist who currently works as a project manager.

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What are some of your favorite tools or applications you use, or can do without?

Adobe Suite, Google, Asana, Zoom

What type of of work do you most enjoy?

Producing and Video Production

Which project left the biggest impact on you as a designer/creative?

The Nature Conservancy

What advice do you have for younger or less experienced AA/BLK designers?

Build authentic relationships

What would you say is the best way to take advantage of the AAGD Network?

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in what you do?

Ensure your work is essential. I think designers and creatives should never minimize the impact of their work. Even more so,  generalists and folks stringing things together or playing background roles should know their work matters. I think we're often conditioned to really celebrate the vocal or visible roles people play in our places of work, industries, and communities. I think this sometimes convinces folks that certain roles are more important or valuable than other roles people play. I don't believe that. I think the folks who make the paper that a design graces, is just as important and as valuable as the designer

If you had a special message written on your wrist, what would it be?

Jordon Moses Photo 1

Jordon Moses,
where can we find you?

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