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Gabi Zuniga

Spotlight on Gabi Zuniga, Illustrator + Designer + Art Director Tell us about yourself. I’m an artist, illustrator, designer, and art director. I create some designs for AAGD the agency and the community, I interview the Spotlighted members (it’s so funny to be on this side of the mike!), and I tell everyone I can…

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Camille Kaye

AAGD’s Social Media Queen, Camille Kaye Tell us about yourself. I mostly go by Camille Kaye, born and raised in Jamaica so I’m chill wid a lil spicy! After moving to Miami 15 years ago I’ve recently been back on the island soaking up the sun and reintegrating with my culture. Calling myself a “creative”…

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Jakia Fuller

Spotlight on Jakia Fuller, Community Manager of AAGD       Tell us about yourself. I’m an emerging multi-disciplinary visual artist whose work is about creating spaces and moments for introspection of the human experience by highlighting the similarities instead of the differences. I’m currently, exploring how to implement circularity into her process and practice, from using…

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