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Our goal was never to have a large group of designers. Our goal was always to have dedicated and serious people about design, business, and helping each other.

Time for Change

Even more simplistic than that, we see what's on the horizon and we want that vision to come to fruition. We're at the capacity of how much "free" time we can dedicate to make this community what it has been for 11 years. It has outgrown us and we need more resources to maintain it. Plus, honestly, we want more.

Though we have ambitions of being a national organization, we have intentions of paying for people to help us grow. We think the volunteer model works to a certain extent and we know our people need the money and that is a barrier to volunteering.

We're apart of a few professional organizations and we offer a good amount of service and information and help for free. $50-25 per year is reasonable. We know how much Netflix costs and binge-watching is not going to propel your career.

We're at 3k-ish and we've started to, once again, limit intake. Our cut off number is 5k. Yup, that's right. A cut off number.
  1. We don't need a massive amount of people to change the world. We need dedicated people. With 50 dedicated people we could make significant impact.
  1. We're not just operating for the sake of capital.

Now, new members pay $25 per year. We're at 3.1k. if you're not a member now, you'll have to pay or donate $3-$5 for every AAGD event. We have events at least once a month.

To make sure we hit our goal of 5k, we'll be aggressively marketing for new paying members on Instagram, Facebook, Behance, Dribbble, Linkedin and through colleges.

That campaign will take place early in the new year.

member hocky stick

See that. That's our growth rate. Slow and steady. It's been like that for eons. No spikes because we've never been just for the moment.

Activity and rejects

See this. That's how many people we've declined last month. So know we're selective AF.

Annnd We're willing to trim the fat, lurkers, people who are not serious about design.

Level 1

You want to join a great community.

Level 2

You want to contribute


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