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Art Director

We are looking for an Art Director who can help bring our brand to life, ensure its consistency, and lead our design team. A talented designer that embraces a small-shop mentality, but understands working in a large institution, has agile perspective, knowing collaboration will be critical to success. A leader that can take ownership over idea execution, pursue idea extensions, and lead collaborations with the creative team and develop working partnerships across the museum. Act as Account Executive with internal partners to foster a collaborative, problem solving environment. Lead design to ensure high visibility and brand consistency. Reporting to the Brand Creative Director in the Office of Brand Strategy and Publishing within the Office of Exhibitions, Programs, and Audience Engagement.

    Additional details

    The National Gallery of Art serves the nation by welcoming all people to explore and experience art, creativity, and our shared humanity. It was founded with the hope that it would be a living institution, growing in usefulness and importance to artists, scholars, and the general public. It now seeks to carry forward its responsibilities with a renewed commitment to engaging audiences across the country.

    Skills Experience

    See job posting on USAJOBS

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    Please re-apply if you have applied before. We were unable to see all applications due to the federal hiring system.

    Apply at USAJOBS: (to both, if eligible) – open to the public – open to specific individuals (individuals with disabilities, federal employees, career transition, special authorities)


    $117,962 – $181,216 per year

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