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About Us

Community Focused AF

We are the communicators and media makers of the African American Community. It is our mission to continue the work of men and women to vigilantly re-examine, explore and address the Negro Problem.

We are aware that names, concepts, and technology have changed.

Problems in America, for us gifted with double-consciousness, have moved incrementally, and the fight for our identity has not ended.

Yes, we create great graphic design and help clients, friends, and families reach their desired audiences.

Yes, we come from people who only survived as servants. Great Service is at the heart of what we do.

Yes, we are here to help you create capital and generational family wealth — no matter what color you are.

Everything we create is a by-product of community-driven service.

That’s our goal, that’s what we stand by. And, we are backed by educators as we help them bring their ideas to our community as a whole.

Our vision is to be part of an ecosystem: fed by knowledge, watered by the community, dead to old ideas, and birthing new and greater talent who can help solve large social issues through creative design thinking.

Yes, but who are you? (Oh, you want to see the team.)

Vision + Beliefs

This is where our mission, vision and belief statements live. Take a look at what we want achieve this year and help hold us accountable. Our Ethics

Our Story

What had happened was... If you're interested, we'll tell you how we got started out of need for community. We started from the bottom and now...Our Story

Our Team

We have a small and colorful cast of characters helping us out with our mission. Take a second, hang out and Meet the Team

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