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Hey! You're safe here and we give a lot of tough love.

That's how you're going to grow: Respectful critique, attention to you as an individual,
mentors who look like you and creative entreprenuers that have been
through your same struggles.

Alright, you've been checking out our stories on LinkedIn. That's tight.

You just flirtin' or what?

Our community has been around for 16+ years. We'd love for you to be a part of our community.
Please review our options and let us know if you have any questions.

To be clear, this is a safe space for aa/blk folx.
We will gladly refund your money if it's not the right fit.


Member [$49 per year. Billed Yearly.]

  • The first level is if you just want to hang, find a mentor, catch our events and our community chat.
  • You can always purchase courses, merch, and for access to more events.
  • This is good if you are low activity and just want to watch.

Designer [$99 per year. Billed Monthly.]

  • This level is if you want to be active, accountable, and you want to advance your career.
  • You'll have access to all of our courses, events, resources, recordings, 1:1 access to help, and mentorship.
  • This is good if you are ready to commit to your connections and craft.

Supporter [$239 per year]

  • If this was a DAO, which ultimately is the goal, you would have a say in our governance.
  • Access to everything including peer gatherings to talk about the future of and Black design.
  • This is good if you really love us and have the extra funds to help an organization out.


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