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The People Behind the Community

Meet the Team


Terrence Moline

Enough about me...

Dave McClinton

Strategy, Art Direction, Branding, Brain to my Pinky tendencies, Podcast Director.

Richard Manigault | AKA The Professor

Educator, Mentor, Moderator, Content Creator for AAGD Facebook Page. The only person who has been in it since the beginning. Thanks so much for your faith and diligence.


Vision + Beliefs

This is where our mission, vision and belief statements live. Take a look at what we want achieve this year and help hold us accountable. Our Ethics

Our Story

What had happened was... If you're interested, we'll tell you how we got started out of need for community. We started from the bottom and now...Our Story

The Staff

We have a small and colorful cast of characters helping us out with our mission. Take a second, hang out and Meet the Team

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