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Design Chat with Ron Tinsley and Dana James Mwangi – 05/08/2019

Join the AAGD team for a discussion on branding and logo development featuring design heavyweights, Ron Tinsley of Prophetik Soul and Dana James Mwangi of Cheers Creative. These industry leaders have successfully navigated the design space and carved out their own paths. The event will be on Wednesday, May 8th at 5p PST / 6p MT / 7p CST / 8p EST. Read more about them and check out their links below.

Ron Tinsley


Ron Tinsley is an award-winning graphic designer, brand consultant and educator with 20+ years of experience in brand strategy and visual communications. He has a BFA in Graphic Design and an MA in Urban Studies.

Ron has traveled the world as an ambassador and creative professional, learning about visual culture and creative problem-solving strategies in other cultures in East Africa, South Korea, the Caribbean, Portugal, and Spain. He calls on these experiences when creating visual communications for nonprofits, businesses and social enterprises to engage diverse audiences. Ron is an avid reader and researcher of various academic disciplines which informs his design process, writing and collegiate teaching.

View his work and writings at

Dana James Mwangi


From corporate employee to full-time entrepreneur, Dana’s career has evolved from being an in-house print designer to creative agency founder, brand strategist, speaker, and teacher.

After undergrad, Dana designed marketing pieces for SunTrust and Wells Fargo, and package design for home storage items sold in major retail stores including Walmart and Target. This experience shaped her understanding of brand design consistency and sparked the desire to offer her knowledge to passionate business owners. On a mission to highlight businesses in her community

through great brand design, and with the belief that everyone has a story to tell, Dana founded Cheers Creative, a Memphis-based practice that builds award-winning brand visuals and websites for creative professionals, industry leaders, and art platforms.

Dana has developed an international client roster since opening Cheers. Her writings, design work and talks about branding, web design, tech, and entrepreneurship have been featured and referenced in Forbes, Essence, Canada Learning Code, Net Magazine, and more. Dana also teaches branding and design workshops at community events and schools including Memphis College of Art and the University of Memphis, her alma mater. She produces e-books, courses, and a podcast to help creative entrepreneurs with branding, business strategies, and self-confidence.

Dana gained endorsement from the creators of X, which is one fastest-selling WordPress website builders on the market today. She has built X Theme website templates that help over 170,000 X Theme customers to create beautiful websites. Dana’s web design work is also featured on various WordPress website showcases around the web.

When she’s not contributing to the Memphis arts scene or spending time with her husband and children, Dana spreads her message at national conferences on how creative professionals can build confidence, push past fears, and lead with compassion to win in business.

Dana’s personal website:

Dana’s company website:

Dana’s resource for creative professionals:


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