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Antionette Carroll — Designing for a More Equitable World.

First of all, we didn’t realize Miss Carroll has three consecutive Tedx Talks . We were only looking for the last one. Sorry for sleeping on the threepeat.


Let’s dig deep into the last one.

Immediate gut reaction: FIERCE. It’s five minutes of straight talk.
She walks onstage with what can only be described as, “I came here to teach you a thing or two” confidence. Her presence owns the stage and she cooly delivers her story.

Are you just thinking about design? Think Bigger. She’s talking about systems building. She rolls through phrases like:
· Racism by design
· Oppression by design
· Equity designer
· Redesigners of Justice — What? that’s some superhero shit.
Then, she casually runs through examples of the lasting effects of racism by design in the good ol U.S. of A.

The Overwhelming Takeaway

Design the world around you. Get it?

Y’all want to catch the other talks?
Justice by Design
Can Design Dismantle Racism?
Keep up with how she’s designing the world around her at Creative Action Lab.

For the record, the original title of this post was: Antionette Carroll — How Oppression Can be Redesigned. AKA f**k your little $75 dollar flyer.


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