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Park Manor 75 Owners Will Break Ground On Black-Owned Wine and Charcuterie Bar This Month.
Article | BookClub Chicago

The Black Experience in Design

Throughout history, Black designers have played a crucial role in shaping, creating, packaging, distributing, and celebrating design. From typography and posters, to chairs and wearables, modes of transport, and methods of care, Black designers from across the diaspora have made significant contributions to the development of various professions and practices, including financial services and speculative futures.

The Black Experience in Design: Identity, Expression & Reflection presents the work of six editors and over 70 designers, artists, curators, educators, students, and researchers who represent a wide cross-section of Black diasporic identities and multi-disciplinary practices. Forewords by Emory Douglas and Ruha Benjamin frame the book in an historical and socio-political context, and an Afterword by Eddie Opara offers an intimate, spiritual coda.

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The Future of Design Organizations: Imperiled or Promising
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Resources for Hiring and Celebrating Black Talent
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Black Designers Forward in Action (Part II)
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Meet Terrence Moline of
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Terrence Moline and African American Graphic Designers
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Hello from the Pluriverse
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