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Meet Caleb Blassingame of Westlogo Community and Westlogo in Biltmore

Meet Caleb Blassingame.

Caleb, can you briefly walk through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
I was in my senior year, studying for a bachelor’s degree at the Art Institute of Phoenix. We had just gone on summer break, and I was utilizing the break as recuperation to prepare myself for this final push to graduation. Then, week into my break I received an email from our Campus Director. The email states that the school is not accepting any more students on its campus, and the school will be shutting down by the end of December. The dispiriting email goes on to list the options I have before the school closes.

One option is receiving half-off my student loans and finished up my schooling online. On the other hand, option two is to receive complete loan forgiveness without a degree. Which one would you take? In my case, I had been attending the three year bachelor program for around two years and seven months. I figured I had learned all I needed to get an entry-level job in design, and I could just focus on my portfolio and start job hunting early. For the next six months, I was strenuously working on building my portfolio and freelance brand. While working for little to no pay, I eventually grew tired of doing dirt cheap design work for start-up companies to put on my portfolio and decided to focus my attention on social media.

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