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Taste: My Low-key Manifesto About Race and Class in the Design World

By Justine Allenette Ross

“Since I’ve been at home a lot, I’ve had time to think about design, visual communication, and what it all means to me and the world surrounding me. How my identity affects my interaction with design and art. Let’s start at the beginning; I was born in Detroit in 1992. I spent my formative years in the city and my preteen and teen years in the burbs; Belleville Michigan, exciting stuff. As a kid, I always liked the draw. I would fill the end pages out in my books with little doodles and drawings. Upon further reflection, I probably should’ve asked for a sketchbook. I had nothing else I was remotely good that would make me any sort of money so going into the arts was a no-brainer for me. I’m not the only creative type in the family. My sister is a writer, and my brother is also a visual artist. In fact, my sister is getting her master’s in creative writing and part of the reason why my brother got promoted to this job because of his #aesthetic.”

Get her raw thoughts and findings here.


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